New Year, New Me...

The last week I've been observing people joining the gym for the first time or getting back into a healthy routine.  My time to workout is typically between 5am - 6am.  So I get to see all of the early birds.  Here is my best advice for anyone starting the "New Year, New Me" in the fitness category.

Feeling sick, getting stuck, feeling like you can't... These are all signs of your body trying to fight a bad habit, not signs of fitness being wrong for your life style.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we are creatures of habit. It takes most people close to a month to recreate a new routine or habit around a schedule.  However, it takes most six months, a year or for me it was close to three years before I finally felt like I was were I wanted to be.  If you've begun to follow inspiration on websites, instagram, or reading articles... REMEMBER those individuals have spent their whole life and health and fitness is career to them.  Most people struggle with getting just 30 - 60 minutes a day in, BUT most people can make it a priority if they want to feel healthier and happier. 

Nothing good comes overnight.  Everything great takes hard work and dedication. Your ambition to be healthier needs to stay within you past January and February... in the summer you can't make those nightly runs to get ice cream. There's nothing wrong with it every once in awhile, your body needs to know how to process it. Its a lifestyle commitment and change.  Everyone can do it though, just don't give up the first time you puke from working out or the first time you fail.