I LOVE to enjoy life.  I LOVE to work. I also LOVE time with my family. How do I run a real business and have time for everything? Wake up earlier.  It's that simple. Create a routine that allows you to get everything done in a day that fulfills you. 

My personality type typically states that I'm terrible at time management and organization. This  means I force myself to spend extra time managing my calendar by the minute/hour. For example, here is my schedule today:

4:30am Wake Up

5:00am Gym

6:00am Get Ready

7:00am Coffee Meeting

8:00am Inbox, To-Do's, Personal Work Activities

9:00am Office Meetings, Office Staff Support, Training

10:00am Meeting

11:00am Phone Calls & Inbox Again

12:00pm Farm Show w/ Family

4:00pm Volunteering at Farm Show

9:00pm Clean Inbox, Return Calls, Clean the phone's notifications

9:30pm Time with my wife

10:00pm Lay down and wind down until I fall asleep

Tomorrow, I'll start all over again at 4:30am - 5am.  I want to be able to do more in a day than some accomplish in a week.  That comes from determination in my own schedule, surrounding myself by positivity and the right caliber of people to accomplish this.  I'm also forcing myself to maintain a balanced diet, amount of water, and a little bit of caffeine to keep the energy moving.  If you're saying to yourself, "I don't have time". In my opinion, you're simply not making something a priority.  Nowhere in my schedule will you see watching movies, watching TV, playing games on my cell phone, surfing the web, arguing, social media drama, or anything relative to those points.  I watch TV occasionally while winding down at night.  I watch movies whenever I'm flying on a plane. I haven't had a game installed on my phone since 2007. Ok, I lied.  Blackjack is installed for airplane rides once I run out of downloaded movies.  

I still have a ton of work to do on focusing and eliminating all distractions, but for whatever it is worth, this is how I'm accomplishing everything I want to accomplish in a day.  I'm micromanaging my personal schedule to maximize efficiency. If I'm not doing something to better myself, my family, my company, or advancing myself for the next opportunity while the sun is out, I need to reevaluate my schedule. 

Lookout 2017... I'm going to be working harder and smarter than ever.