I was singular driven and focused since I was in Jr High.  I knew there was a way to take what I loved doing on the weekends and turn it into a full-time career.  Staying driven, not giving up, and staying aligned with the big picture has helped me continue to grow and make my dream real life.

My journey

I always had a love for music. My family actually owned a music store, Klock's House of Music before I was born so I guess it was in the genes.  I played multiple instruments in bands both for school and recreational and was always the kid in class with a personality. Combine all of this with my rare ambition to start working hard at age twelve, I found my home as a DJ for my full-time career.  

To start working and making money I started doing landscaping for my neighbors in, Harrisburg (Paxtang).  Pennsylvania I was able to save up money for a sound system, music, and some other essentials I needed to do my first live job. In Jr. High at Swatara Middle School, I DJ'd my first school dance.  In High School at Dauphin County Technical School I also became the school DJ, but began DJing for all of my friends' families.  Everyone's Sweet Sixteens, Birthdays, Parents' Anniversaries, and of course my first wedding my Jr Year of High School. 

Now to the good stuff. College wasn't for me.  I was super distracted.  When the phone rang, I left class to book a job. I dropped out of my first semester at Harrisburg Area Community College and started working in outside sales.  Fast forward a couple more years, I was able to make the leap of faith and become full-time in 2011.  Having the opportunity to focus 200% on my passion we had an office space and additional full-time employees within one year.  Since 2012 we have been averaging 600 events annually.  Roughly 350 of those events are weddings. The best part has still had the opportunity to perform and manage the company.  Doing both isn't easy, but you'll catch me leading 70-80 events a year in addition to the 50-60 hour work weeks in the office. 

Time and Calendar Organization is a big contribute to my success. Today, Klock Entertainment has five full-time employees all with a specific area of assignment to make sure all our events go off perfectly. We also have forty part-time employees. Klock Entertainment is far more than just a "DJ" company at this point.  We offer high-end production for high-profile clients, lighting and design projects that have been exciting to add to our portfolio, audio and visual services for the every-day corporate function, and lastly our wedding services have become extremely dialed in.  No matter the capacity of the event though, it all leads back to the core hospitality, passion, hard-working positive attitude that got me to where I'm at today.  Klock Entertainment is completely organic.  No investments, no handouts, no sponsorships, no cross promotion, 100% hard work and hustle.