Year 2013

As I reflect back on the past year, 2013 was definitely a big year for me.  In 2013 I…

Became a father of twins (Avalyn & Elijah)…

Learned the value of patience more than ever…

Learned how to be patient more than ever…

Realized the impact my every move has on others.  Not just my kids, but to my staff, peers, facebook friends, mentors, family, etc…

Continued to grow Klock Entertainment to great heights…

Achieved goals I’ve only dreamed I thought were possible…

Continued to evaluate and learn what is important to me and what is important to longevity of my success…

Continued to work on my personal fitness…

Becoming a father was by far one of the most positive and emotional experiences that I will always cherish.  Seriously.  Everyone always told me that they could not describe that feeling and moment when their kids were born.  They are right.  Only someone else who has had kids can fully understand the positive impact it has on not just you as an individual, but the bond you share with your spouse.  This blog is more about business than it is my personal life, so this is all I’m going to write on this topic.  HOWEVER, I wanted it to be known that this was a BIG part of my 2013 year.  Not to mention learning how to balance all the different directions my energy is needed on a daily basis.  I think I’m doing a pretty good job at this, but once I figure out the magic answer, I’ll be sure to write a blog on it book on it.

This year I learned the value of patience and how to be patient more than I’ve ever had to in my life.  Many of you reading this may know that Jess was on bed rest for an extended period of time.  The up and down emotional path this took Jess and I on was another emotion I can’t describe.  However, it really helped teach me how to take things day-by-day and have the patience and ease that everything will happen how it is meant to be.

In addition to my personal life, I had some big events happen in my career that taught me the value of patience.  I always knew that as I grew my business not everyone I hired would would make it long-term.  Finding someone with the discipline to be a true professional entertainer is not easy to find.  Of course, people will come and go.  My goal is to create a foundation and environment so employees have a positive experience and generate great tenure so that it is few and far between.  In addition, I also do my best to really get to know an individual before they represent my name and brand.  However, this year as I’ve continued to grow my company the inevitable happened.  What I’ve learned is I should never fight ones decision to want to leave.  Why? Multiple reasons really.  However, the biggest one that comes to mind is you never want someone representing your name and brand if they do not have their heart in it like you do.  In addition, I’ll guarantee that eventually you’ll start seeing a change in their work ethic, interaction with employees, etc.  Where am I proud? After this happening just once, I realized the strong foundation I’ve created.  Clients were not disappointed that a ‘specific individual’ was not going to be there because they hired the company, not an individual.  They want what I’ve created and what our brand stands for.  Where am I going with this?  I, at one point, thought that someone leaving me caused damage and caused me more work.  If someone wants to leave, let them leave.   Of course this could cause some more work on the administrative side of things, but why would I want someone whose heart is not in it to be representing my brand.  You can apply this thought process to anything in life.  It doesn’t have to be employer/employee.  I will never fight anyone’s decision.  If their mind is made up, I’ve found you’re most likely not going to change it.  I’ll find someone whose heart is in it. And I have.  Big life lesson here for me that may seem to be common sense to some, but for whatever reason I really fought this for a long time.

As I continue to become more networked and continue to grow my staff, I realized the large impact my every move has on many individuals.  I didn’t realize until this year that people were looking up to me.  I guess it just hit me that I’m not a kid anymore.  Every time I go to the grocery store, mall, or at an event someone always says “I see your facebook” or “I read that article” or something similar.  This is awesome to me.  Regardless, that’s a huge impact I have on my network of friends, professionals, and clients.  Facebook says that I currently have 1,795 friends.  If you asked me to sit her a list all of them for a million dollars, I couldn’t.  However, I’m fairly confident that those are all real people that I could know by name if I saw them on the street.  At least I hope they are real people – it makes me feel good thinking that anyways.   All kidding aside, to me that is a very large network of peers.  Not to mention the amount of people I am in front of on a weekly and daily basis performing events and making memories with that family, group of friends, etc.  I may be saying “The Brand New Mr. & Mrs.” for the 400+ time, BUT that is the FIRST time they are ever hearing me say it.  That’s a huge impact and this really hit me hard this year. I always knew the impact, but for whatever reason I think about it more this year. I like to think of this as a positive, really.  I always knew (and enjoyed) the impact I had on others.  However, I feel my impact has become much greater than being able to make people smile.  I hear people saying they look up to me, call me motivational and inspiring.  I can’t explain how this makes me feel, very humble and honoring to start.  Where I’m going with this is you never know who is watching, listening, looking up to you, or being inspired by a move you make.  To play off of this, what opportunity could be waiting for you.  Always be 100%.

What have I learned? To become more cautious (not that I was having problems in this area) with my actions at all times.  Maybe it is the fact that I’m father now that I think more about this.  Also, I’ve learned to take more time to give and share than ever before.  I also catch myself always trying to put myself in another person’s shoes more than ever before.  I know that may sound elementary, but think about it.  “They didn’t know”, “That may have made sense to them”, “Everyone likes something different”, Everyone has different dreams and visions”.  When I lose a big sale, this helped me so much.  I used to really take it personal.  If you start thinking like that and saying things like that to yourself when something doesn’t make sense, I promise you you’ll be a much calmer and relaxed person.  In fact, you may discover commonalities with more strangers than ever before with that attitude.

At Klock Entertainment we had our biggest year yet and we are projecting to do so again in 2014.  Of course I’m the leader here, but the majority that goes into growing a phenomenal company is having a great leadership staff around you.  I’m very fortunate to say that my full-time and part-time staff is incredible.  This comes with good hiring and great training.  Close to 600 events successfully completed, over 300 couples sharing their special day with us, and literally thousands of people experience some really cool things we can do now that we couldn’t do just a few short years ago.

My company’s success has come with constant evaluating of what is important to us, what is important to me, and creating a balance of many things. (Personal, Business, Family, etc.)  It isn’t easy, but I’m happy to report I think we and I are doing a great job.

Another goal I set for myself in about half way thru 2013 was I wanted to work on my personal fitness.  In September I started committing myself to workout at the gym 3-4 times a week.  I enrolled to hire a personal trainer and have attended many fitness classes (Boxing, Insanity, Cross-Fit, Etc.) to fill in the weeks as well.  I still have a very long road ahead of me, but I feel better than ever.  The two hardest parts about working out for me is I LOVE FOOD and the only free-time I have to work out is at 5am.  So I can’t eat some of the things I love and I have to wake up early.  Oh well.  I’ll get over it!  I don’t want to become an old out of shape DJ and I want to stay young and in shape for my kids too. I’m hoping in 2014 to run a half marathon again or maybe even push for a full.  The whole entire KE Team is working towards a healthier us so I’m sure 2014 will be filled with some exciting movements in this area of my life! (Get it… movements?…)

My Favorites of 2013:

Movie: I don’t think I had time to watch any new movies except for Pitch Perfect because it was on TV every minute of May-July when Jess was on bed rest and When we were home with the babies.  It was a good movie the first time I watched it.

Music: It is always so difficult for me to choose this every year.  Even more so without having the time to listen to full albums as I’d like to.  Honestly, this year there was a ton of great music released.

Moment: Witnessing my twins being born!

Cheers from an amazing 2013.  Looking forward to an even better 2014!

Exceptional Customer Service

All of us go out to eat, some more than others.  I know for Jess and I, we try to eat at home and make meals just because it is more cost effective and healthier.   But, we still end up going out to eat once week either as a date night or with friends.  Last Sunday night, Jess and I went out to eat with another couple to the Macaroni Grill located in the Susquehanna Shops of Harrisburg, Pa.  As part of my blogging, I want to compliment outstanding customer service or in maybe some cases discuss a constructive criticism to a bad customer service experience.  However, in this case it is extremely positive.

Our server was attentive, courteous, friendly and had a good sense of humor.  Our food came out in a timely manor, tasted great and had the presentation the four of us were expecting.  So great, right?  This is an example of meeting someone’s expectation and providing a promised service and a “good” experience.  However, I’ve always been a huge fan and learned at an early age that you want to over deliver or over perform in a service industry.  I can’t express the importance of over delivering and exceeding ones expectations of our services enough to my staff.  Even though they do a great job at this and they are always tired of me talking about it, it is just something I’ve always believed in and am very passionate about.  In fact, it was one of the first things my manager, Michael Prince told me when I worked at Guitar Center back in high school for a few months.

So where am I going with this?  We noticed something special while we were enjoying our meal.  We were there for a late dinner on a Sunday night so needless to say the restaurant was at a low capacity and was slow.  Most of the time when I have been in restaurants during this time of night the servers would be texting and waiting to leave.  In this case, the servers and staff were continuing to be attentive and started to clean this place up and down.  They were going around to every table and using a black light/flash light to inspect how clean each seat, plate, glass, and piece of silverware was.  WOW!!!  This is the one thing I never try to think about when going out because I know most restaurants are typically not up to par with this.  To use a black light and take the time to properly inspect to make sure you are being over accommodating to create an exceptionally clean environment is exceptional customer service in my book.

In the last week I kept asking to myself, what is my black light?  What can I be using or doing to make sure I am over achieving and over delivering on every promise, event, and performance my company and I are in charge of.  If you are already providing a great service and are making people happy, find your black light and make people blown away by exceeding their expectation.  Side note: People talk about a bad experience, don’t complain but not always talk about a good experience, AND will shout from the mountain tops raving about a GREAT EXPERIENCE!


Jason Klock, Owner of Klock Entertainment in Harrisburg, Pa

First Blog 4/18/12

Good Morning World!

A couple of weeks ago a few friends of mine recommend that I write a book about discussing everything I’ve gone through to establish my business and some of the things I’ve encountered during this process along the lines of customer service and business ethics.  I took this as a great compliment, but I feel I still have so much more to learn and so much more to live through before I can write a book about my experiences.  So, I’ve decided to start by creating a personal website and blog.  I plan to use this blog to discuss all of the above and touch on my personal life as well.  My goals for this is to share what I learn, witness, and experience with my friends, family, clients, and social media followers.  I’m also hoping this is going to be a great tool to keep in touch with many people I consider close friends or family, but my far-from-usual schedule prevents me talking to every day as I wish I could.

So what is my first topic going to be this morning?  Hmmm… I’m going to start with sincerity.  One thing I feel that has always made my business successful is expressing sincerity during the booking process or sales process when meeting with our potential clients.  I practiced this even when I was just starting to DJ weddings and signing contracts at age 18.  At that time no one knew who “DJ Klock” was.  And quite honestly, I think this is what helped me see early success.  Many times couples didn’t realize I was a nineteen year old kid until after they’ve signed a contract and I’ve already developed that trust.  In addition to my DJ Business, I also felt that this helped me become extremely successful during my tenure of Outside B2B Sales with Executive Image, CoolerSmart & ADP (I can’t wait to share some of the valuable things I’ve learned from these experiences.  And no this is not sarcasm, this is sincere!)

How do you deliver sincerity in your message/presentation?  Well it all starts with expressing the passion and faithfulness in the service you’re providing from the very beginning.  If you believe in yourself, your message, and you’re passionate.  I believe that being sincere will come natural.  I’ve also been consistent with my company’s morals, values, and beliefs in how we conduct business at the beginning of our relationship with our clients to how our final product (service) is delivered.  I’m talking about “me” here, but I’ve been very fortunate to have a phenomenal staff that has mirrored everything I believe in too.  (Stay tuned for some blog entries on how I’ve created the staff environment we have…)

So how do you know that you’re providing sincerity in your message?  I’ll leave you with asking these questions to yourself and these are questions I try to ask myself every morning when I wake up: Do I believe in my service/product?  Do I love or enjoy what I’m doing for a living?  Do I live a healthy home life? Where do I want to be in 10 years?  What am I most passionate about?  Career wise and hobby/or personal life wise?

Please leave some feedback of topics you’d like me to talk about or discuss in my blogs.  I’m excited for this experience to really take advantage of social media, learn more about my “fans”.

Love Yourself, Love Your Life, and Share Love In Life!

Jason C. Klock, Owner of Klock Entertainment